DIY Coat Closet Mudroom

Ok so at 23 weeks pregnant I've been in super 'nesting' mode for a few weeks now!  I have a couple other projects to share with you in the next few weeks but first, the coat closet refresh!  Let me show you what promoted this little re-do of our hall coat closet by showing you the before photos: 

To start I took everything out!  Like everything, vacuumed the carpet even.  Went to Menards and bought trim paint and wall color (Dutch Boy Silvered Fog).  I painted the trim first, bright white satin, I like to use Max Bond brand paint for trim, it's durable and bonds well.  Once the closet was painted, I took a well deserved trip to Target.  You can see I added a shelf at the bottom so before I left I measured both the width and depth of both shelves so I would know what size storage containers to get.   Below is a list of products with Links that I purchased.  Keep in mind, Target ALWAYS has sales on Threshold items and combine it with the Cartwheel deals and you'll save a ton!

Decorative Bin Thrshd Canvas Tan Square - $19.99

Threshold 16" EVA Basket 1-3C Printed Canvas with Piped Handles - $16.99

Smith & Hawken® Copper Boot Tray 31x15.2x2.3"- $24.99

GE Under Cabinet Light Fixture, 12"- $21.98 FROM WALMART

The coolest part of the closet refresh are the LED remote switch lights.  I bought these are target but they don't sell them online so I linked to the same thing at Walmart.  I LOVE THESE!  So easy to install, and adds such a nice touch to a closet.  Battery operated and NO CABLES to run : )

My next favorite part of this refresh has been the solution to shoes in the kitchen!  We don't have a landing area in either the front or back door of our home.  We only use the back door for entering the home, because it's closer to the garage and the back door is in the kitchen.  SHOES IN THE KITCHEN is so not cool!  Even if we wanted to walk around to the front door every time we came home, we'd have no landing there either and absolutely no place to put shoes that wouldn't be in the way of the door swing.  We live in a split foyer and the front landing is very small.  

With the new mudroom/coat closet design, we haven't had a single shoe (that would be weird anyway : ) in the kitchen!  We come in shoes on, walk to the edge of the laminate flooring and take our shoes off then place them in the shoe tray in the closet.  Handy cause we can then hang our coats and I can hang my handbag while I'm there.  If you have a lack of a mudroom and it's driving you as crazy as it was driving me, I highly recommend taking another look at your closet situation!  Here are a few more photos of the finished product, keep in mind, it's in the hallway so very hard to get a good angle!