Visit to the Connally Farm

Huge congrats to my sister and brother in law on the purchase of a fantastic old farm house in Pella, Iowa.  First off the acreage is HUGE and AMAZING!  It's in an area of Iowa that actually has some terrain, rolling hills and lots of beauty.  The house is very old and will need lots of work, but they are up for it!  Already diving in on the much neglected yard and home.  It will take lots of time and lots of sweat but they will have a true home in the heart of Iowa to enjoy for years to come.  I couldn't be happier for them!  

On to the trip!  We enjoyed the scenery on the 2 hour drive out to visit them.

Here are a few gems found around the farm place...

The town of Pella is seriously great!  They are famous for a tulip festival in the spring time and for two worldwide manufacturers, Pella Windows and Doors and Vermeer (farm equipment).  We spent a couple hours having lunch and enjoying the downtown.  We stopped into a coffee shop and a bakery but I can see my sister and her family spending lots of saturday afternoons exploring/eating/walking through downtown Pella, there's a LOT to see!  Pella is also home to the largest windmill in the US that still is in use.  They actually still use it to grind wheat into flour and it's a beautiful thing to see.  Next time we're there we want to take the tour, they let you walk up to the top of the windmill and I can imagine the view up there is pretty great! 

We can't wait for the next trip out to the Connally Farm, it was a great visit!  Here's the happy family, congrats you guys!