Worlds Best Itch Relief

Ok, sorry to admit, I'm an expert in itch relief!  I've come to realize some people get eaten by bugs more than others in the same setting, I'm one of them!  I get eaten alive for no apparent reason and those around me are left unharmed, it's the truth...I'm guessing there's a scientific reason but I have no idea what it is!  Recently on a trip out to my sisters farm, some tiny little delicate fly like insects were biting me and I thought OUCH but it didn't cross my mind that they would leave itchy welts, come to find out, that's exactly what they did!  My poor little niece wound up covered in these terrible bug bites as well!  The other six people in the group, not a single mark!   Anyway aside from the tough luck, I have some great pointers for those that are super tasty in the bug world!

I'm going to share with you the WORLDS BEST ITCH RELIEF!  But seriously this stuff is amazing!  

Photo Credit: My Pretty Little Blog

Photo Credit: My Pretty Little Blog

Ok let's start with prevention shall we?  I use the OFF! brand Family Care Smooth & Dry bug spray.  This stuff is amazing!  Doesn't leave a sticky or wet feeling where you feel like you need to towel off later.  Doesn't smell as bad as other sprays.  It's an aerosol so you can spray every nook and cranny AND it works GREAT!  Seriously best bug spray I've tried and I've tried them all!  I keep the small bottle in the car and/or my purse.  You can get it in the travel size area at target (I love travel size everything btw) and the large 4oz bottle is on sale (in store only) at target right now.  Normally retailing for $5.49 you can grab it up as part of their summer clearance for $2.98 and that's only the first mark down!  If they go any cheaper I'm going to have to stock up on a few bottles for next year!  

Now we'll move onto the itch relief because let's face it even though I carry bug spray around like it's some kind of emergency inhaler, you don't always have it when you need it!  Last Saturday, I wasn't prepared and ended up with welts all up and down both arms, my ankles (cause I'm stylish and had rolled my pant legs just enough) and around my neck/hairline!  As soon as the itch started I went for my trusty Chiggerex!  This stuff is the WORLDS BEST ITCH RELIEF, seriously guys, I would not lead you astray!  I got some chigger bites on my toes a few years ago and that's the worst itch you'll ever experience!  A friend of my husbands recommended this stuff and I was on a mission to find it.  When I finally did it was worth the effort, instant relief!  Keep in mind, if you're like me, you'll have to apply every couple of hours but it will prevent the discomfort and resulting scaring that can occur when you itch the itch.

Chiggerex is hard to find, it's only at Walmart (as far as I've found) and it's in a weird place near the bandages.  You can find it online though!  Like me, my Dad get's bitten up pretty good and my parents keep a stock on hand and buy a few bottles online each season!

I know it's late in the year for a post about bug bites but it was on my mind since I just was eaten up : )