Bloggin' Again! 2013 Cali Vacation Part 1

Ahhhh darnit I've been slacking and I had written a really cool post from early (rainy) spring but the photos were lost with my hard drive crash : (  Anyway gotta get back at it so that doesn't happen again!   

We had the BEST trip to California!!!  This is our first week back at work and wow it's kicking our butts!  Mike and I keep asking each other, why do I feel so sleepy lol.  It was Sidney's first time to CA and really one of the first plane rides I think she'll remember (the last was when she was 4).  She had a blast, despite a stomach bug towards the end of the trip.  We all were exhausted when we got home, having fun will wear you out!!!  

There's way too much to post in one post so I will do this in several installments : P   

Part 1: Prepping and Traveling

We got our nails done, shopped, packed, ate food, and Sid opened a birthday gift that was too big to travel with.  Sid learned she loves pastrami sandwiches yay! "It's like bacon!"