2013 Cali Vacation Part 3

Ahhh and the adventure continues!!!  This installment catalogs the adventures we had at Disneyland!!!!   We spent an entire day, THE ENTIRE DAY (9AM to Midnight) at Disneyland : )  I meant at almost $100 each, gotta get your money's worth right!!!  Haha.  Sidney had a blast, she loved all the fast rides, roller-coasters and I think she even wanted them to be faster and more scary as the day went on.  We were gang busters with all our fast passes and stroller passes Sidney was actually able to ride quite a few rides, most of them twice, especially considering it was a very crowded summer day at the park.  I kept asking her, ok what's your favorite now, hands down it was Indiana Jones haha.  She rode it with Mike, then Adam, then maybe Mike again I can't remember but she loved it.  Adam was at a conference across the street so he walked over an joined us in the afternoon.  I think he enjoyed it, even riding it's a small world I'd say : P  Sidney went into the ride going, why does everyone know the words to the song except me??  Then we we got off she was singing loudly, 'It's a small world after all' haha, she's officially a Disney insider LOL. 

Laine had fun too, it was a bit taxing on her since she' just getting her legs under her and doesn't like to be stuck in a stroller.  We rode as many rides as we could that she was able to go on too in order to help keep her happy and give her breaks from the stroller.  She went on Pirates of the Caribbean twice and the first time through when it goes completely black with darkness I thought oh no, she's going to cry, then the drop and she loved it haha.  I can't believe it but she wasn't scared, partly overwhelmed at times but not scared and never cried, what a trooper!  I also had no idea that they have really nice baby facility on Main Street with changing tables and a sink to wash bottles, some baby items for sale etc.  Loved that!

Sidney was chosen to participate in a Star Wars training camp, she had a blast and walked away saying 'I think I want to watch that movie now' LOL.  It was great for Mike and I to watch too.  We both enjoyed it! 

Bottom line is, the park is too big to ride every ride in one day, we missed a few good ones but will get to those next time : )  We also want to take the girls to Sea World but not until Sid is 10 so she can do the Swim with the Dolphins experience.  I loved Disneyland even though I waited with the baby most of the time, it's just a magical place LOL.