Photography 101 : ) Laine 9 Months!

Laine just turned 9 months, she's getting to be such a toddler lately : )  


  • She's taking 1-2-3 steps at a time and stands without holding on for long periods just looking around in awe of herself then cracking up when she falls, obviously impressed by herself : P
  • She's eating lots of what we eat in small quantities and a few weeks ago got her first tooth, just one, still....just one LOL.  Judging by her fussy cranky pants there are more to come in the near future (SOON I HOPE!). 
  • She laughs and smiles almost constantly. 
  • She's started to cry like crazy every time I leave the room (hopefully this phase passes soon).  
  • My favorite thing right now, and probably hers too, is reading books.  I point as I read and when she's playing on her own, she 'reads' and points just like I do, it's hilarious!  
  • Another favorite thing is she's super snugly, finally she wants to be held at night when she's sleepy and gives hugs.  The other night she stood up and put her cheek to Mike's cheek, then a minute later crawled over and put her cheek to my cheek lol so random but SO CUTE! 

I took these photos this morning after breakfast so excuse the cinnamon raisin toast crumbs on her face lol.