Sidney Plays Soccer! Age 8

Sidney has wanted to play soccer (or any sport for that matter) for SOOOO long!  We've had her in Gymnastics and Dance while she's here but it's a bit of a struggle for her because she only get's to go twice a month and that makes it really hard to keep up/get good at anything.  She's still had a blast and is so super social she just loves playing with the other girls in class.  

We were SUPER excited to hear she signed up for Soccer in Newell.  She plays 6 Saturdays for the season and instead of picking her up last weekend we drove out on Saturday to see her play live and in action!  It was amazing, she tried so hard and did really well.  It was FREEZING about 50 degrees out and 20+ mile an hour winds, but that didn't slow her down a bit.  She even was goalie for the whole 2nd half of the game.  Here's a photo gallery showing a few of the hundreds of photos Mike and I took.  It was a 5 hour round trip drive but WAY worth every minute of it to see her dream of playing soccer come true!!!