Good snowy morning and Laine will make you laugh!

Good morning!  We're under a cover of snow that was supposed to amount to 'a trace to one inch'.  Snow fell most of the day yesterday and again last night, we had probably 4 inches before bed last night and another 4 inches when we woke up this morning.  Some forecasting!  

Here are some photos from this morning:

So recently Laine has been a blast, she's more interactive every day and we're seeing more and more of her personality with each passing hour it seems like.  My favorite things are her morning stretches, it might be the cutest thing I've ever seen!  Also when Mike comes home from work and talks to her she gets super excited squirmy and anxious for him to hold her (he's usually dirty from work so she has to wait for him to wash up lol).  Here are a couple video's capturing her most recent antics...enjoy!