Laine's First Taste of Rice Cereal : ) Yum!

Ok maybe not so YUM!  Haha stuff smelled too gross for me to even taste it but Laine seemed to develop a taste for it over the course of her first feeding.  She really got the hang of eating from a spoon without too much trouble, that's exciting!  Can't wait to try bananas soon.  Experts recommend that you only introduce a new food every 3 days.  Several reasons I know of; First to prevent upset stomach from challenging the digestive system with too many new foods.  Second, to allow you to discover any potential for food allergies by introducing only one food at a time.  Third, certain foods may cause diaper rash, crazy I know but they digest differently and can set off diaper rash.  This way at least you'll know what is causing it!  We also plan to pick up a Baby Bullet this weekend so her first taste of real food (I don't consider rice cereal real food lol) will not be from a pre-packaged plastic cup that has a 3 year shelf life : D  I'll be sure to do a review on the Baby Bullet soon!

Enjoy the mess!