Target Haul : )

Ok so I received a gift card from work as a baby gift and this morning I had a bit of a shopping spree at Target!  Here's what I got:

Baby Clothes

I've been washing and organizing baby clothes.  I have about 5 newborn and a half dozen 3 month outfits but one of my favorite vloggers had a baby recently and as I've been watching their first month with the baby I realized they go through at least 2 outfits a day (between spit up and poop explosions).  So unless I planned to do laundry everyday I needed a couple more outfits.  Here's what I picked up on my target trip, all size 3 months since it doesn't look like she'll be tiny LOL.  (the elephant LOVE outfit is a set with the pants/coat you see below it)

Then I got a few things for myself, I know I'm not going to fit right back into my old jeans and stuff so I'm trying to find cute/comfy things for around the house and one or two pairs of pants that I can wear outside the house.  

  1. The first is a pair of size 5 (fit good now without being buttoned lol) stretchy jeggings.  Super soft and a nice dark blue, these will be the only pants I wear outside the house for a while lol.  The purple top is a maternity top, super thick almost sweatshirt material that I think will be super cute even after I'm pregnant. 
  2. These are PJ's and I've given in to the fact that I'll be wearing lots of PJs in the coming weeks so I thought the more comfy and cute the better.  The pants are flannel but a really nice comfortable fit and Target makes the BEST plain tshirts.  I can never have enough so got a couple to match the pants : )  
  3. The sweater is from their SUPER soft line (can't remember what it's called but they are not joking about how soft it is).  I love these kinds of sweaters, throw it over a white tank and blue jeans and you're ready to go!  The socks are a little splurge of mine, they are wool but not scratchy and they have tons of cute colors.  I got one pair last year too that I still love.  Perfect for wearing with my riding boots when there's snow on the ground.  Keeps the feet nice and toasty!  They are $7 bucks, that's insane for a pair of socks but like I said, it's a splurge moment haha.  They last forever and if I get one or two pairs a year I'll build up a good stock : P
  4. HAHA!  This photo makes me laugh!  A bucket, boots and Tums LOL.  The fabric bucket is from the new Nate Burkus line at Target.  It was in the bathroom section on clearance but I'm going to use it in a home decor/organization project.  It will hold my current crochet project since there is never a good place for my crochet and I like to keep it near the couch since I work on it while we watch TV at night.  The boots are actually slippers, SO DANG COMFY on your feet and kinda cute too.  The cool part is that they have rubber soles so i can wear them to take the dog outside if needed or in the basement to change laundry (been ruining too many pairs of socks doing that without shoes on...busted).  The Tums are for my late night unsettled tummy that's recently developed.  I take a couple and can go right back to sleep.  If I don't get up and take some, forget sleep for a while LOL.

I'm going to pack my hospital bag tonight (I know been saying that forever) but I feel like I have everything I need and can finally put it together.  I'll probably do a blog post on what's in it later this week : )