Sunday Funday...or not? LOL

Ahhh yes we were productive on a Sunday!  Didn't get everything on our list done just yet but we did cross a few items off : )

Sealed up the back porch so it's ready for winter!  We worked so hard at renovating this bad boy over the summer we had to make sure the snow doesn't ruin it AND now we can store things like the baby stroller on the porch this winter and it won't get wet/snowy!  

Another item on the list was inspired by, you guessed it, PINTEREST!  HA!  I'd seen a post on getting a photo box and drilling holes in it to put your router and unsightly wireless receivers in it to de-clutter your desk.  We were in Des Moines a few months ago for Sids birthday and happened to stop at Staples for a car charger for my cell phone (which i didn't buy and still don't have one lol).  Anyway I'd seen the perfect box for this project on the Martha Stewart rack at Staples.  It worked perfect and I think it's even better than a photo box because it's not as tall.  How clean and organized is my desk?!?!  I LOVE IT!!