Happy Birthday to My Husband : )

I love that our birthdays are back to back, it's like we share a birthday and celebrate for two days!!!  Mike got some fancy rugged winter shoes (by Keen) a couple weeks ago that he had been eye balling for quite a while.  He saved a ton buy buying them on Ebay but he was considering that his birthday gift.  Until 5:30AM this morning LOL.

A couple weeks ago we were in Best Buy and Mike and I checked out the Kindle Fire HD comparing it to the Nook which had been on our wishlist for a long while.  Mike loved the Kindle and I alluded to the idea that I'd get him one for Christmas, and that was the plan EXCEPT it took all the fun out of it because there would be no surprise to it! 

So this morning Mike woke up at 5:30AM (on his work schedule) and was laying in bed reading the news on his phone.  Of course being REALLY pregnant I'm not sleeping much at all so I surprised him with the Kindle gift at the crack of dawn!  It was fun so fun booting it up and checking it out before we decided on a little more sleep being that it was Saturday morning.  Needless to say, he was surprised and he LOVES the Kindle.  Still learning all that it can do but great buy for sure! 

Happy Birthday to my Husband!